Sunday, April 1, 2007

Muthyala Muggu

Great dialogues from Rao Gopal Rao

Starring: Sridhar, Snageetha, Rao Gopala Rao
Direction: Bapu
"Muthyala Muggu" is an highly successful movie from writer-director Ramana and Bapu. This movies was introduced the heroine "Sangeetha" and character artist "Rao Gopal Rao".
The movie revolve around the nuances of a wife and husband. The villain Rao Gopal Rao who has an eye on this couple's property and make lot of trobles and differences to the couple. You can have some good dilogues between the husband and wife and very good chemistry between the couples after and before breakup. And more the dilogues from Rao Gopal Rao are excellent.